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Your Get Sh*t Done Sherpa


Honestly, I was born organized. When I was a little girl, I had a doll house that my grandmother made for me, and I was very particular about how it was set up. As I got a bit older, I would keep the kitchen drawers and cabinets organized, then my desk in my room and in school. Eventually I built shelves for my locker in high school, so my best friend and I didn't have to waste time looking for books between classes. My knack for creating efficient systems and process became more of an extension of me and almost automatic and without much thought as I move into my first jobs and through college. I easily saw ways to simplify and streamline a process that no one else seemed to see. I abhorred asking repeatedly how to do a simple task because it was one, I didn't repeat often enough to for the steps to sink in. My fix? I would create a "cheat sheet", simple step by step instructions so that anyone could accomplish that task. ​

As I grew in my knowledge and skills, I moved to different companies, different industries, worked in different capacities, and various positions. I've been the receptionist for a Chiropractic Practice and the Vice President of a Mortgage Servicing Company. I was the Office Manager for an Auto Glass Shop and a Consultant working with an RV company in Bankruptcy trying to avoid being sued by thousands of customers still under warranty. ​

All of these "jobs" required patience, being able to instantly see the big picture, the ability to intuit each person's strengths, and to identify each person's organization, communication, and productivity styles so that those tools could be put into a toolbox then each person would be taught how to each tool to the best of their ability.​

Very few are born organized, like me. My goal has always been to show people that it is possible to be organized, on time, efficient and productive and that they can do it their way.

The best thing ever is that “light bulb” moment when someone finally gets it. They finally understand that they have been trying fit a square peg into a round hole by using some top 10 best sellers’ ideas and SOP to create their own systems and why that hasn’t been working. 

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